Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Google Android Nexus One arriving in France

Long-anticipated Nexus One arrives for French Android developers in Paris.  Offered by Google free to all Android developers having gained a certain success with their Android applications. Google is taking an open approach versus Apples controlled approach for development of apps on their OS, Android. For now there is a lot of distance to cover to attain rivalry with the iPhone.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reach Online ID Certification Program

Today I received my Reach Certified Online Identity Strategy logo (below) after taking the online course in March and completing the required test.

The course was taught by brand experts William Arruda and Kisten Dixson from Reach

Check out the spiffy Reach Branding T.V. site:

Although I started my tech career by building sites, the goal was always to help businesses succeed. Over the past ten years the technology has matured  and the focus has shifted to the message, unleashing a tsumani of Web users forging networks and communities defined by common interests rather than physical location.  Everyone is scrambling to keep up with the new opportunities and developments.

The Reach training programs offer a solid foundation in the tools and strategies for helping clients define their brand and then express it online.  Kirsten and William are enthusiastic, open and supportive in sharing their expertise on  how to succeed with your online brand identity.